Conversation No. 6

May 17, 2014

Conversation No. 6 was sold and will find its new home in Brooklyn, NY.500px_Conversation No6

SOLD recently

May 17, 2014


Bird Busker in the Music Box installation in Tacoma.

Bird Busker in the Music Box installation in Tacoma.

The Composer, 2013

The Composer, 2013

Becky will be blogging as she drives the ponies and the Trick Rider down to Phoenix in March. Carol Hassen from Ellensburg, WA will be riding along, so we’re sure to find good food and scotch on the rocks every night.

Stay Tuned as we prepare our “ReConfigured” work for display at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport–March 30  thru September 30, 2013.

"Trick Rider" detail

“Trick Rider” detail

Becky will be welcoming visitors to the ReConfigured exhibit at Gallery 301 on Thursday, April 19th from 5 – 8 p.m.

The gallery will also be open on Saturday, April 21st and April 28th from 1-4 p.m.

Trick Rider at Gallery 301

Trick Rider at Gallery 301

Gallery 301

301 Puyallup Ave.

Tacoma, WA  98402


January 19, 2012

Figures for a Cacophony installationBecky & Jane in Jane's StudioHere are some photos from the week we spent in Phoenix at Jane's studio. We made a lot of progrss on the pieces that needed to be carved from styrofoam; the "cowgirl" and the "courtesan". Becky returned to Tacoma and set to work on the Conversation Boxes while waiting for a shipment of parts and pieces to arrive from Jane's studio. Everything arrived A-OK and Becky's studio is abuzzzz with fabrications--a true "cacophony" of elements. Then, a major snowstorm swooped into Tacoma and Becky has been unable to get out of her driveway to get to the studio. Which means two days, so far , of sketchbook "thinking" and painting in her head. Tomorrow may be a snowshoe day!The Beauty's Shoes in Place

Carving a styrofoam body for a "Court Lady"

Repurposed dolls for the triplets' heads

Triplet Heads Created by Jane

Horses Have Their Legs Up

December 18, 2011

Kathy Gore Fuss help me figure out the support system for the ponies… Image

Kathy’s Ready to Ride When the Glue Dries!
The Ponies Have Their Bases

  OK–Here are the ponies with their “carousel” posts in place. Now to decide exactly how tall they should be for Jane’s cowgirls?

Oh, Kathy, quit horsin’ around and get back to work!

November 6, 2011

marble or granite (?) lazy susan

I have two of these lazy susans that may be used to display some figures. They are quite nice looking. The picture at left shows one of Jane’s “Bathing Beauties” on on one for scale. At right is the Courtesan contemplating her fate while another “Beauty” considers her figure in the mirror….

This Courtesan on a lazy susan pedestalCourtesan's broken hemline around edge

I have placed the hulking “Courtesan” form onto a shiny, marble lazy susan and she seems to fit perfectly. The broken bits on her hemline could be underneath the edge of the lazy susan.

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