The Trick Rider and her two, fine steeds are about to be on exhibit at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport–Terminal 4/Level 2.
We had to make a new base for the ponies as their original posts were too high for the display cases at the airport. Becky is still scouring thrift stores and antique malls for bigger wheels…

M and Amigo

March 12, 2013


The Ringmaster

March 12, 2013


Here the little 8″ Ringmaster is having his underglazes applied by Jane. He is in the kiln now and will be cool enough to see later today…

M and Amigo in Utah

March 9, 2013


Friday riding the ponies south through Utah on our way to Phoenix. We stop every so often to let Madeline and Amigo ride around a bit.

Landscapes Abound

March 7, 2013


We started out this morning with a fresh dusting of snow on the ground in Ellensburg. But the highways were clear and dry all the way to Twin Falls, Idaho.

Clarinet and Violin

March 6, 2013


Clown for bird in process side c

Jane is creating a circus figure to accompany an acrobatic bird from the original ReConfigured Show...

Jane is creating a circus figure to accompany an acrobatic bird from the original ReConfigured Show…

Road Trip to Phoenix

March 4, 2013

Road Trip to Phoenix

Becky is trying to get the ponies into her van…blast off for points south is this Wednesday. First stop Ellensburg for dinner, sleep and to pick-up Carol. We’ll be heading south outta Eburg on Thursday morning. Stay tuned. The Ringmaster is in progress at Jane’s studio….

Becky will be blogging as she drives the ponies and the Trick Rider down to Phoenix in March. Carol Hassen from Ellensburg, WA will be riding along, so we’re sure to find good food and scotch on the rocks every night.

Stay Tuned as we prepare our “ReConfigured” work for display at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport–March 30  thru September 30, 2013.

"Trick Rider" detail

“Trick Rider” detail

New Bird Busker Piece in progress